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New Skincare routine

New Skincare Routine

The battle with my skin has been a long and enduring one! Since I was about 13 I started getting oily and spotty skin - typical for a teenager, but now I've just turned 23 and it's been pretty much the same situation. I've tried and tested so many products to aid my battle with hormonal skin, from face masks, washes, gels, and creams...I thought I'd tried them all! But last month I got to talking with a women on a beauty counter in boots who has the same kind of skin problems as me, yet her make up looked perfect and told me of an unlikely skincare trio that's done her wonders. I had only gone to her for a foundation (I found a winner, blog post to come soon!) and I came out with a whole new regime! I have held off mentioning these products for a while, as I didn't want them to turn out rubbish like all the others I've tried. I was a little sceptical of this brand's skincare as I usually associate them with make up, but I've tried and tested them for a month or more now. Here's my verdict:

soap and glory

soap and glory, vichy
From left to right:
Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed - Super self heating deep pore detox mask. It does exactly what it says on the tin...err tube! When rubbing the mask into your skin you can feel small beads bursting and creating a warming effect. It sounds a bit strange but it feels amazing, the heat is meant to help clear out the pores and leave skin feeling beautifully fresh and soft too! Now most masks I use haven't done wonders for me other than soft skin, but I've used this mask twice a week for over a month and it's really helped clear the horrid blackheads on my nose, I feel it's also helped keep spots away, I've hardly had any since using this range.
Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It - A facial scrub with a pore refining formula of super fruit Yuzu and Micromud. This is completely the opposite to what I normally buy, this is a gentle scrub which is good for everyday use without damaging skin. This is apparently better for us oily/acne skin people as its less stress to the skin, where as I would normally buy the most rough scrub I could find like the Lush Sea Salt scrub and really work that into my face once a week. This left me dry (and extremely red!) which I thought was a good thing - being oily, but this only makes my skin try harder to produce more oils later to hydrate my skin again. So lesson learnt! A gentle daily scrub is much better for the long term as it gradually improves your skin's texture and complexion. I've seen a vast improvement with this product and I couldn't recommend it more!
Soap & Glory The Fab Pore - A micro smoothing moisture lotion, again with the super fruit Yuzu and detox boosting/pore shrinking complex. That is a lot to promise within just one moisturiser! I've struggled with creams more than other products, getting ones too rich, not hydrating enough and just generally not for the right skin type. This is perfect for day and night use, it's light yet thick enough to make me feel hydrated, I'm also not too shiny after use which is perfect for make up application! I sound like a broken record here but again I think this really works, my pores do seem a lot smaller in size or gone! My skin doesn't get oily much anymore, but it feels healthy - an almost dewy effect I've never had before! This Trio of skin care is by far the best I've use and combined has made such a difference to my skin, I'm not worried anymore about people seeing me without make up and that's something I haven't felt in a lonnng time!
Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot - Finally I thought I'd give a little mention to this Vichy spot gel, it's a fast acting anti-imperfection targeted care to minimise marks. And it does just that! On the rare occasion now that I do get a spot or can feel one coming, just put a dot of this gel onto the clean skin, the following day the spot is either gone or very much reduced! I actually think there's magic in this...surely! There is Salicylic acid in there so it could always be that!
I wanted to test these products thoroughly before claiming how good they were, but I can safely say now that they're amazing, if your like me with oily or problematic skin then I highly recommend this range! Well done Soap & Glory, killin' it on the make up and skin care front!
Please comment if you have tried any of these products too or what your holy grail skin care items are! Lets help each other win the war with our skin!
Thanks for reading :)

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