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Autumn Staples: Skin Care

Autumn Staples: Skin Care

Welcome back! This week I am following on from my previous post: seasonal make up staples, with Skin care. Because it's starting to get colder, (or if your from the UK...a lot colder!) it's all about keeping your skin moisturised, soft and exfoliated. These things are pretty much important all year round, but with all the windy and cold weather it really starts to take its' toll on your skin, especially your face! As I've mentioned before I have oily/combination skin and even with my skin type hydrating my skin is still important, as it can be dehydrated as well as oily! Who'd have thought it! So here are some of my favourite skin saviours:

autumn skin care, skin care for dry skin

From Left to Right:
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter - Even though your face is very important to look after doesn't mean we should forget about our body too! I've been a fan of soap and glory creams for a good few years now, they are just so moisturising and the skin soaks it up really well, so you aren't left feeling sticky when you just want to get dressed! I think they feel very luxurious for the price and do the job perfectly. It's also the different scents that keep me coming back, this one is more of a clean/fresh smell which is really nice post shower. I definitely recommend you giving them a sniff in store!
Malin  + Goetz Lip Moisturiser- This item sounded so odd that I had to buy it! I've seen many different kinds of lip balms and chap sticks but this looked completely different, and it is! I can only describe it as a thick clear gel, it's quite heavy and unusual feeling at first. But as I used it more I'd say it's more of a treatment for your lips than a lipbalm you use daily. I apply a small amount to my lips after using a lip scrub and let it sink in, usually at night time, when you wake your lips look and feel amazing!
Origins Drink up Intensive Mask - This item is definitely a treat for the skin and in general as it is a little on the pricey side of things. But I find you don't need to use it so often which means it lasts, and its just worth it! (At least that's what I tell myself!) I use this at night time as it suggests, apply this instead of moisturiser all over the face, a little goes a long way with me, if your dryer feel free to use more. Simply sleep on it and in the morning your skin will be incredibly soft, feel plumper and healthier.
Mario Badescu Control Cream - Now this may not be a staple for everyone, but for someone like me that has eczema or just dry/flaky skin this is a life saver! Big statement I know, This can be used pretty much anywhere on the body, but I needed this for my face which can be embarrassing when your appear to be scaly!? My eye lids and under eyes got eczema out of nowhere, Ive always had this condition on my legs and arms but you just don't want to put that horrid cream from the doctors on your face! This cream literally halved the dryness in one use, within a week it was gone! My friends have tried this on their dry skin and it worked perfectly on them too.
Lush Lip Scrub - (Popcorn flavour) Yes flavoured lip scrub does sound very odd, I wandered why it matters if it had a flavour, but according to lush you an eat it! Well not literally the whole pot, you take a small heap on a finger and rub away at your lips with it, then when your done you either wipe it away or lick it off your lips! It's made from sugar and a little salt too from what I tasted, the flavouring is added to taste nicer but to be honest I wouldn't recommend the popcorn one! The minty pot is nicer, but no matter which pot it is they all work brilliant at leaving your lips soft and smooth!
The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil - As someone with oily skin I never thought I would be one to use an oil on my face, it seems wrong! But this one is particularly special, it is part serum also, which changes how it feels completely. The texture is more of a dry oil, which sounds contradictory, but you would have to try it in store to understand. I always feel like oils just sit on the surface on my skin and I notice no real benefit in using it. Where as this Serum-in-Oil seems to sink in really quickly, it isn't overly oily feeling on the skin at all. The result in morning is brilliant and actually noticeable. I use this every other night and my skin is so much plumper and looks much healthier when properly hydrated. I'm converted!

If you missed my last post on my Autumn Make up Staples, Then you can click here to read!

It's a small group really, but they make such a difference to my skin over the colder months! Has anyone else tried these products? Or does anyone else have a favourite they would like to share? Please comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading :)

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