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Good Reads

Monthly Reads: October

Welcome back! Firstly sorry for the little lack in posts this week! I've been down with a cold and the prospect of taking photographs for my blog did not appeal to me! Though saying that it gave me a good idea for a topic, being ill means laying in blankets and reading...with a cup of tea of course. So here I thought I would include some reading material people might like, I know I did! Some of these were new discoveries for me and I had to share....Enjoy!

stylist magazine

This online magazine is completely new to me, shockingly it was its 5th birthday a few weeks ago, how had I not seen this gem before! This issue of Stylist shown is a few weeks old now, but it is one of my favourites because of the wonderful Lena Dunham acting as guest editor, what could be better?! This is an online magazine as I said, the articles can be viewed on the stylist website, or if you have an android or apple phone/tablet then it is free to subscribe and read it as a proper magazine. It is a weekly instalment of fashion, beauty, books, people, lifestyle and travel - and it's amazing! The content is very interesting covering a range of topics, it's intellectual without being dull, very up to date without being gossipy or shallow. Stylist magazine is a wonderful combination of topics which all women would love to read about, I highly recommend it. Plus their photography is brilliant, if your interested like me!

disegno east of eden
Shown above : John Steinbeck's East of Eden, Disegno Magazine issue 7

Firstly I will talk about an incredible novel called East of Eden, by the classic writer John Steinbeck. I don't even know where to start with this book, it is just simply amazing and completely consuming. The story is set at the beginning of the twentieth century and ends post World War 1, it goes through the life stories of the generations between two families closely intertwined, The Hamiltons and The Trasks. The whole novel is set in the Salinas Valley in California, which Steinbeck describes so beautifully and detailed for all the senses, it is also the place Steinbeck grew up in. I can't say too much about the book's plot without giving it away, a story about two families affairs I admit seemed dull even to me, but there are so many unexpected plot twists and unusual characters which makes this book an absolutely compelling read! To top it off, this novel is also said to be based on Steinbeck's family history, he is even briefly mentioned within the story. I found this out about half way through reading the book and thought hell, this man has got the most insane and interesting history, you wouldn't believe it is factual! I am someone that is usually more of a fiction fact, the more fantasy the better! But more and more I'm loving novels such as these, and East of Eden I have to say is one of the best books I have read, I couldn't recommend it more!
I got the recommendation for this book by youtuber Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters, I love her channel, her sense of style and recommendations are always spot on for me, definitely check her out if you haven't already!

disegno pages

This final 'good read' of mine is the Disegno Magazine, here's some pages shown above of what it's like inside. Don't worry there is actually writing and articles in this magazine, but being a photographer I was drawn to these pages! This magazine is a Biannual covering Design, Architecture and Fashion, this would undoubtedly be amazing for students doing a topic related to one of these, for it's fresh and unique finds in the creative sector. I even loved it for the incredible photography and found it an amazing source of inspiration when on my course. But after leaving University I still find this magazine extremely interesting. Disegno magazine may not be to everyone's taste, but for anyone that is interested in the creative arts or the topics the magazine specialises in, it will be a hit! It's a little pricey at £8, but for how thick it is and the quality - which seems to me as more of a book - it is worth it, plus theres only two in a year! I find Disegno reads really well, nothing too overly pretentious or technical, it's simplistic and to the point. I find this magazine is a good coffee table piece, I leave it out and I am constantly picking it up to look at and so do many others! Give it a try if Art & Design is your thing.

These books and magazines have been keeping me particularly occupied this month, especially through my 'feeling sorry for myself cold'! Please comment below or via Twitter what's been your favourite thing to read recently, have you any recommendations you'd like to share? I'm always looking for an excuse to buy more books on amazon!
As always, thanks for reading! :) 

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